No, you don't need to have any experience with horses. We will show you how to be close to them and will give you safety instructions so that everybody will be safe, including the horses.
We had many people coming in for a Horsewalk who were really afraid of them. But due to our guidance and the gentleness of our horses they left less fearful and with a big smile on their faces.
The 2 hour HorseWalks are suitable for all ages. The terrain is quite flat and well doable.

The 1, 3, 5 or 7 day journeys are a different story. We walk mainly on dirt tracks and it can be quite hilly. We'll walk 10 to 15 km per day but we are not in a hurry and take many breaks in between.
For a 2 hour HorseWalk: If the weather is realy bad, we'll cancel the HorseWalk and try to set it for another day. If booked through Airbnb and you're not able to walk on another day we'll refund the payments.

On the longer Horse Journeys it's different. We'll have to be creative; find a place where we can hide from the rain and sleep in a house instead of our tents.
Yes, preferably yes. But if for some reason the collaboration doesn't work we'll see if we can switch.
Please send your question to us through our contact form and we will answer you and add it here as well.

Emanuela's Horsewalk experience

Thank you Sakshin and Charlotte! We had a great time. I loved Rocky and his attitude.
I get what you were saying about nature trying to get in sync.
I felt really waking ‘hand in hand’ towards the end!
Great experience for me as I never had a chance to be up close to a horse.
Towards the end I felt totally comfortable (and throughout I felt great too just new experience).