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For your and our convenience we created this bookings page

Please book your journey through here. It saves us a lot of time behind the computer so that we can spend more time where we love to be; out in the open with the horses. If you have questions or just want to connect, you can always call or email us ... Looking forward to walk a journey with you. X

8 persons per retreat

Max. 8 participants per retreat can join, so don’t wait too long with your booking. The retreats will happen when we have at least 4 confirmed guests.
If you donated and we don't have a minimum of 4 people for that journey, we will restitute your donation in full, or if you want, we can keep it for your next journey.

Travel details

State of Being V7.0  - 30-12-2023

Thank you for your interest in our life-changing HorseJourneys. This document contains all the relevant information about the Journeys.
Donations: The pricing we call donations and all donations go to the journey expenses and horses' welfare. 

1-day HorseJourney (10:00-18:00) €150,- p.p. You have to be at least 2 people …

Max. 8 participants per journey can join, so don’t wait too long with your booking.

Extra nights at the sanctuary
In a tent: €15,- per day p.p. In a shared caravan €25,- per day p.p. In a 2-person caravan €50,- per day for the caravan. All nights come with breakfast.

Your place for a journey is secured when 50% of the donation is received by us. Your downpayment is nonrefundable.  The other 50% can be paid in cash upon arrival.
If You cancel a booked journey we have to tell you that all payments are nonrefundable.  If WE cancel a booking, you will be restituted 100% of the full amount donated.

The language on the journeys will be English, Dutch, or both.

Getting here
Transport to and from our location is not included in the journey price. All journeys start from Barão de São João. After booking, you will get the exact GPS location. The closest airport is Faro Airport.
  • By bus from Faro airport of Faro costs €2.30 per person. The ride takes half an hour.
  • By train from Faro to Lagos costs €7.20 per person. The ride takes 2 hours.
  • By cab from Lagos to Barão de São João costs something like €18. The ride takes 15 minutes.
  • By booking through the Uber app, Lagos -> Barão de São João costs about half that price. We recommend Abel, an English-speaking driver who can also take you from Faro airport for €70,- The ride takes one hour. Call or WhatsApp him first at +351 919 721 738.

Your fitness
Our trips are basically suitable for anyone, experienced in walking or not. We are not in a hurry and we’ll have a break when needed. Some parts are a bit uphill but you will notice that with a horse by your side, you'll fly.

Start times
The 3 and 5-day journeys start at 09:00 on the date mentioned, at 'the State of Being' in Barão de São João, Faro, Portugal. They end on the last day mentioned (3rd or 5th day) at 20:00. One-day journeys start at 10:00 and end at 17.00 the same day. It is possible to stay overnight, the day before and after.

What to bring
When walking during the day, you will carry your own water therefore it is convenient to bring a day back that fits in a large bottle. Other things that are convenient to bring:
• Daypack, for lunch, camera, water, jacket, etc.
• Good walking shoes
• Water bottle
• Warm sweater/windbreaker
• Head covering (hat, scarf, or cap)
• Towel • Swimwear
• Flashlight (headlight)
• Toiletries/Sunscreen
• Travel insurance
• Sleeping bag
• Earplugs (to guarantee a good and quiet night's sleep)
• A little notebook to write down your insights

Luggage transport
Your luggage will be transported by car from place to place, so you’ll walk lightly.

It is advisable to take out travel insurance so that adequate assistance can be arranged in case of an emergency.

Travel documents
Travel requires a passport or ID that is also valid when you leave the country to come to Portugal. We do not need tests, codes, or whatever to join us for a walk.

You don’t have to be vaccinated to travel! An Antigen test is required to fly. Up-to-date travel info: .
In Portugal, you can do your test here:

We are looking forward to an amazing journey with you.
Sakshin, the holistic horse walk team, and the horses. 

And … we are open for volunteers

P.s: We changed our opinion about walking with vaccinated people because of the spike proteins that they might shed off to the animals. Everybody is welcome. Feel free to call +31645198894, email us or look at our website for answers at .

We reserve the right to change this document without notice.