Our 2 hour HorseWalks

'Walking with horses' instead of riding them. Since we publicized this experience on Airbnb, we had the privilege to let the horses walking with many people.  Walking with horses is a totally different experience than riding a horse. Because you are on eye level and walking next to the horse, you become partners, you become equals.

The horse has a lot to share with you; about how you behave, how you're feeling, and how you interact with others. All insights that you won't easily get when you sit on a horse's back while kicking him in the belly to go forward and pulling his mouth to go left or right.

We start the HorseWalk with an introduction to the horses and their life story and we let you feel comfortable with them. And after the safety instructions, we go on the walk, which lasts about an hour. We walk here in the beautiful area of Barão de São João, above Lagos, on unpaved roads.

The walks are suitable for young and old so you can bring your whole family along.

Adults: €45,- p.p.
Kids under 12: €20,- p.p.
Contact us for your booking.
Or book through Airbnb or Tripadvisor.

Join us on this amazing experience for young and old. We are looking forward to walk with you.