Walking with Horses

an empowering and insightful experience.

They are magical creatures full of wisdom,
peace and power at the same time. 
While being with them, their big and pure hearts
can have a healing effect on us humans ...
if we allow ourselves to open up
to the adventure ... 

Horses ask us to be authentic, to stand in our power
and to communicate clear and loving.
They ask us to be present and alert,
to trust ourselves in guiding them along the way.
Walking is a totally different experience
than riding a horse.

Nobody leaves untouched

Being close with these big animals is a humbling experience
but to lead them during a walk is very empowering.

This was an amazing HorseWalk experience!
I'm so happy that my husband and I chose to do this. The hosts were kind and welcoming. They told us the rules first and then the horses came to chose the individual they wanted to walk with. It was a lovely experience and I would highly recommend this.

— Jamie on Airbnb

Horse journeys

Come join us for a  walking adventure with a horse by your side and create 'memories' that will last forever.  We organize 1, 3, and 5 day journeys.

A longing ...

Bringing people and horses into their power.

What we do

At the 'State of Being' sanctuary we rehabilitate rescued horses. Once they are healthy and happy we let them walk with you. Horses are mirrors to the soul and leave no heart untouched. "An empowering and self esteem boosting experience." Read more ...
Horsewalks are suitable for all ages.

Horse Walks

The 2 hour Horsewalks we do in the hilly area of Barão de São João, 10 km above Lagos, Portugal. Here you'll get to know the countryside, learn about the favorite bites of the horses along the way and you learn a lot about yourself. Read more ...
HorseJourneys, for the adventurous spirits.

Horse Journeys

Up to 5 people can join us for a 1, 3 or 5 day journey with a horse by your side, through breathtaking landscapes and beautiful nature.  Wether you're an individual, couple, group or business, a journey will be an insightful experience.. Read more ...
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