The inner journey

No-one leaves untouched
Reflective horseJourneys. Being with horses has a healing effect on us humans. They are magical creatures full of wisdom, peace and power at the same time. Their big and pure hearts leave no-one untouched.

They ask us to be authentic and to stand in our power. They ask us to be ourselves, to be present and alert. They ask us to communicate clear and kind. All the above will develop and grow during the week.

Walking with a horse is a totally different experience than riding one. You have eye-contact and you are equals. This week is also suitable for people who have never been in the nearness of a horse before.

We will make sure you feel safe and we will assist you with interpreting the horse language and help you find your way in leading the horse.
It's a Inner journey
We will embark on an inner-journey where there is enough time to reflect, share, and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Western-Algarve with a horse as your buddy every step of the way. 

It’s a journey. It’s a walk. It’s reflective.

Horses are a mirror to the soul. They reflect your State of Being. Thus making it easier to see how you are really doing. You might come in with a heavy burden and end the journey light as a feather.

Each day we will introduce a different theme where you can reflect upon while walking with your horse. Let the horse be your guide to find the answers within. Later, at the campfire, there is time to share your feelings and findings with the group.

The 5 day inner journey

Join us on this unique experience.

Testimonials 5 day journey

The journeys do a lot to people. Here's what they had to say...
„Life is good. Thank you so much for the huge effort everyone made for our special days together.. and for our experiences with you.  Amazing..”
1st journey
– Sue Piggott
„The most valuable lesson in life was given to me by a horse and I am so so grateful to have experienced the moment, me the horse and the silence of Nature around us”
1st journey
– Paula Vieira
„Sed pede ullamcorper amet ullamcorper primis, nam pretium suspendisse neque, a phasellus sit pulvinar vel integer.”
1st journey
– Jim bond