Info 5 day journey

It’s a journey. it's a walk. It’s reflective.

Being with horses has a healing effect on humans. They are magical creatures full of wisdom, peace and power at the same time. 

2nd - 6th April 2024

5 days of self exploration and stepping into your power guided by our horses.  You will be connecting with nature, horses and with yourself practicing yoga, breathworks and meditations.

Info HorseJourney 2-6 April 2024

Horses are a mirror to the soul and they reflect your State of Being. Thus making it easier to see how you are really doing.

DAY ONE: Let the adventure begin! We will have a openings ceremony where we set intentions for the journey ahead. After a great opening and getting to know each other, we will meet the horses and sit with them. Lunch is prepared and then it's time for siesta or anything else that pleases you. After, we will gather again and we will mate with the horses, this horse will be your companion for the rest of the journey.  Dinner will be prepared and we will close the day, you will have your own time and space and it's a good moment to connect with your intentions for this retreat.

DAY TWO: Rise and shine! Day two starts with a blissful session of light yoga to awaken the body and soul. After breakfast, we gather for a heartwarming sharing session, setting the tone for the day ahead. Then, it's time to connect with our companion and prepare for our journey. With lunch packed and spirits high, we embark on a scenic walk of approximately 12 kilometers,  at a leisurely pace. We will sleep in a bed and breakfast at a riding stables in the forest.

DAY THREE: We will start with Tibetan yoga , followed by a nourishing breakfast to fuel our journey ahead. Embrace the serenity of day three as we take a leisurely stroll next to your horses to a lake, allowing for moments of reflection and connection with nature. There we will be present with the horses and have lunch.

DAY FOUR: Find your inner balance with a session of Tibetan yoga on day four, followed by a nourishing breakfast to fuel our journey ahead. Engage in a round of heartfelt sharing, preparing our hearts and minds for the final leg of our adventure. With renewed energy, we return journey to the sanctuary, completing our circle of connection and growth. 

DAY FIVE: On the last day, we embrace the morning with yoga, followed by a delicious breakfast. Then we'll embark on the last journey to the turtle lake, if we are lucky we can swim between the turtles. After we will reflect on our journey and the intentions we have set but farmost what renewed clarity our wise companions taught us to take into the future. 

Contact us to discover upcoming journey dates or share your special wishes for a tailor-made experience that speaks to your soul's desires. 🌟

What to bring:

  • Headlight
  • Gloves (when it is cold)
  • Hat (for sun protection)
  • Waterbottle
  • Travel insurance
  • Day backpack
  • A little notebook and pen
  • Bedsheet
  • Good walking shoes
  • All weather clothes (depending on the weather forecast)

A car will bring all our luggage to the next stop so you walk light. But the space is limited so please only bring what you really need.

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